Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spec Versace Ad

Here's the ad I told you guys I made. Let me know what you think. It would really be dope if Versace picked this up.

I shot, edited and made the tagline for this sunglass ad

Sending some Versace love

Mike Jaggerr on Shade45 w/ Angela Yee

Mike Jaggerr debuted two of his singles Rainy Days and Away today on The Morning After with Angela Yee radio show on Sirius radio station Shade45. On the segment "Don't Quit Your Day Job", Mike Jaggerr came out on top with a 5 out of 5 stars. With what seem to be mixed reviews on twitter and phone calls, the final out come was a positive reception by all. You can follow on Mike Jagger on twitter or his myspace . This dude is totally Playing for KhePs. Keep up the excellent work homes.

By the way photo to the left is by yours truly. I also made a spec Versace print ad with the same photo, I'll post it today.

Sending love to the universe

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catch a Slice music video

Let me know what you think.

Song Producer - Jamison Albritton
Lyrics - Jamison Albritton and Randall 'Lil Ran' Collins
Video Producers and Directors - Kikomo.p & Mike Jaggerr
Video Editor - Kikomo.p
Color Correction - Mike Jaggerr
Vocal performances - Jamison Albritton, Randall 'Lil Ran' Collins, NiQuole, and Kheirra 'Kikomo.p' Peggs



Update, I'll promise to get better at this

My apologies for not staying updated but plenty of good news has come.

I'm on my ascend to moving from my apartment this month. Its very exciting because I'm really gonna be living on my own. My boyfriend is staying for a while then he's gonna be gone on his music venture.

I began my Master's Degree program last week. I'm currently earning my Entertainment Business Master of Science degree. Its a really good program I like it alot so far. I'm ready for this challenge, we have to maintain a GPA of a 3.0 or better which is quite I challenge but I think I can, I know I can, I know I can! LOL.  Estimated graduation date 10/01/2010.


Remember that magazine I talked about. Well I made it to the October issue!!!!!!! OMG it felt so good, I feel that much closer to my dream. Orlando's premier fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine- Orlando Style Magazine. This is my first stepping stone and greatness will follow. I'm keeping at it. Can't stop, won't stop!

I'm a godmother!!!! Well, the baby isn't here yet but Noriah Marshe, pronounced (Mar-shay). Will be here sooner than later. And Quita, my cuzo and baby momma, we GOT to change that ghetto as middle name I'm not having it. I personally liked Malia as a 1st name, like Obama's daughter. But if shes not gonna change the 1st name, by the way she got from the 'octomom',  shes definitely gotta change Marshe or I'm not gonna accept the child as family. JUST KIDDING.

Just did a music video for my friends Jamison and Lil Ran. They had a class project for a class called Session Recording, came up with a  group, recorded a song, and needed a video. That's where Mike and I stepped in. We co-produced and directed the music video. I edited, he color corrected. We've gotten a lot of support, kudos, and even potential clients from it. I'll post it next.

Soon I'll be working on Lil Ran 'Everything Fye' music video and some pieces for Mike including the much anticipated full length 'Rainy Days' music video. And I'm still shooting!

Its gonna be fashion week soon here in Orlando at the Mall at Millenia- October 19-25. I will make my best efforts to be there everyday or the majority of those days. Being an up and coming fashion photographer for me this is good opp to network. Paulina Porizkova, former supermodel and ANTM judge, is going to be there so I'm stoked!

Money is low but spirits are high.

Continuously playing for KhePs and sending love to the universe,


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On a good note

Remember that lifestyle/fashion magazine I told you about like 2 posts ago? Well I got the gig, that along with a modeling agency gig that they sponsor! So, with the magazine I start off doing event photography going to VIP events shooting and rubbing elbows with important people. AMAZING opp. only down fall is that its not directly paid. If I start my own biz w/website then people can but their pictures from ME on MY site. So, that's number one on my to-do list get that site up. But that's been really really, awesome.

I also have a potential internship with the newspaper down here as photographer, and I got another job lead as an amusement park photographer. So, I'm thanking God that all this good news has been pouring in. It's mainly whats making me stay here in Orlando. I was going to phrase that last sentence "stay behind" but I don't feel I'm being "behind" I'm staying and building my talent an name in a smaller market, so it can travel faster than in a big market like NYC.

Philly and Chicago are still a possible places, but since everyone wants me and are throwing things to me left and right then it looks like its meant for me to stay. At least for now. People I graduated with felt that it was essential to move to LA to make it. I really don't feel that way. I read a quote that said "The cream ALWAYS rises to the top, no matter where the cup is" and I hold that true to my heart. Because if you're gonna make things happen, then you're gonna make them happen where ever you go. Its gonna be plenty of people who go out to LA and get burned out and discouraged and, ya know LA isn't for everybody and they don't have a ton of jobs I hear. It takes a certain type of monster in my opinion. But the few "cream" have gotten jobs and quite quickly too.

So, I've been trying to keep my positivity up as much as possible. And I thanks God for a guy like Mike who is absolutely amazing. The greatest guy I've ever dated. He keeps me encouraged and motivates me, and is always looking out. I'm try to hold on to this guy forever. his birthday just passed on the 20th for his 20th, so I told him I would celebrate the whole rest of the month for him. He deserves it.

Send love to the universe


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Monday, August 24, 2009

Interships aren't gonna stop dem boys from knocking

I asked my financial aid lady if I got an internship would that defer my loans for the duration of the internship. She basically said "Hell Naw". Its still counting down from graduation day. Wow ! Education for poor people is a trap ! stay away! lol , I'm kidding, but it is a trap, but don't stay away. Keep at it and try to defer as along as possible. I was talking to this one lady who graduated like a year and a half ago and is JUST NOW paying hers back. so Yea I still have a little dodging to do.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You never know how you have an affect on people

Today, one of my closest friends sent me a message on facebook and it really touched my heart. You know that takes alot because I'm a stone cold thug, wondering if heaven has a ghetto LOL . BUT She was saying how her family is so proud of me of what I've done and what I'm currently doing and it made me sit back and bask in the moment for a second. I really don't acknowledge what I'm doing most of the time mainly because it's happening so fast. She also said that I'm her inspiration to do what she's passionate about. She's seen my courage and is inspired by it. This is the type of affect I want to leave on people. I didn't think the impact would be so great so soon though. It honestly made me tear up. I really hope she goes through with her dreams and passion because I guarantee if she doesn't she old be happy in the long run.

I know that my family are proud and my little cousins looks up to me , but I never knew my peers were watching so attentively, and that with in itself is pushing me to go harder. Doing what I think is right and feels half right is how I've gotten this far. There are no written guides to this shit, you live you learn, and try to watch out for the warning signs the wise hint to you.

But I've been really feeling super good lately, like my positivity aura is getting greater and greater everyday. And at this point I'm not even worried about what I don't have, I'm just working to get to where I need to be.

I've been searching the Orlando area for work in fashion magazines and publications of that nature for photography. One of the magazines I sought after staff members contacted me today, so I'm praying something comes through with that. That was super exciting, and in the mean time I will continue to do me, build my skill hone my craft. What else can I do when I'm not getting paid, GET BETTER.

I made up a new saying today "Love the skin you're in, love the kin you're in"
I think its very important to love God, yourself and family no matter how dysfunctional they are. No one said you couldn't love from a distance, never the less love them.

ps. check my updated photography portfolio. on flickr.

my personal website is under development right now, I have to get one of those to become legit.

love you all and send peace to the universe,


pps Before writing this entry I wanted to make sure I was using the correct use of affect or effect. So I looked up the word Affect and it said - to have and effect on . LMAO wow thanks alot with all the webster

Friday, July 31, 2009

last day of school

Today is the last day of my 1st college degree. I feel so-so, I'm never over zealous about graduation. I'm glad to be out but at the same time it feels a little premature. I came straight out of high school in 2007 so this is the only college I know, unlike the majority of my classmates who have been to college or have degrees already. I feel weird to say the least, there's a ton of responsibility that comes along with being out of school. And to me it seems like only students get respect in society. Think about it no one gives discounts to college grads and they're the ones with student loans that need to be repaid, they need as many discounts as possible. People applaud you and say "oh that's so good he/she's in school." But I've never head any one say "oh you're a college grad that's so good" other than at your graduation. And of course people with no degrees get no respect, unless ur a success story like Bill Gates or something.

I have this feeling of having to do everything now tho, I'm only 20 and I feel its so old. It sounds a little ridiculous. But I just want my success story to feel legit. I think I may stay in school.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMG FUCK ME Sallie Mae

So, today I had my financial aid exit interview at my school. It was basically letting me know how much I owed in private and federal loans, when I have to start repaying, how many years this BS will be going on, and I almost shitted myself lol, I knew it was bad but DAMN! My interest rates are rape with a disease to say the least and what I would be paying per month is more than what I pay for rent. I graduate next Friday, the 7th, that gives me a 6 month grace period which means come February next year they're gonna be knocking at my door for that money. My immediate thought was to sell drugs and rob banks, but my mom wouldn't like that. So next option is to stay in school to continue my education and receive Masters degree in Entertainment Business in another 13 months. Which looks and sounds really impressive seeing that I would be 21 with a Masters and I still get out of school a year before my HS peers. But that also means taking out another loan for 30grand plus living expense. Plus from what I hear all the time degrees really don't matter in our industry.

Decisions decisions. I was once encouraged by my a teacher to apply to AFI if I'm gonna pay more money to continue my education. They're the cream of the crop and they're based in LA which is a double bonus. But with that they are highly selective. So if I even think about going there I need to get my shiz together this month. Like focus on that. Along with other schools like USC and NYU. Which are more expensive than Full Sail and harder to get into.

So here's the bottom line. I play for Kheps and I'm not going to get discouraged as messed up as this may seem. This is my motivation. I knew this day would come the day I applied to this school. But on a good note I heard that if I get an internship it can defer my loans as long as I'm in the internship PLUS I still get my 6 moths after that ends! So I'm interning for life and freelancing on the side. Dodging these mofos like the gingerbread man



Monday, July 27, 2009

Session with Amron X

Hey there,

I just finished editing my friend and fellow filmmaker's photos this weekend. Amron X. Lopez was my 1st subject to participate in my Free July photo shoot promotion. Here are a few of the best from the session. Leave a comment let me know what you think.

Much love


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Afternoon

Today is just about the two week mark before graduation. And the senioritist has definitely kicked in. But I still like my classes specifically Audio Post. I'm working with ProTools and everything so that's pretty dope. I still need to tweak that resume and actually start on my cover letter.

Last night I was editing some more of my photo shoot I've done this month as part of my "July : Free Photo shoot" incentive. I gotta get that portfolio up. I'll post some photos up probably later this week. I'm getting used to Photoshop, other than just putting my signature on everything lol.

Sorry for just rambling, this is my first time blogging. Back on the career note I'm looking to move to NYC in about a year or so, if it's neccessary by that point. Meaning if I haven't established my self in my home town of Chicago,IL. Yes, yes ya'll I'm Chi-town girl and I rep that very hard.

Ok thats enuff for now.

Love ya