Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update, I'll promise to get better at this

My apologies for not staying updated but plenty of good news has come.

I'm on my ascend to moving from my apartment this month. Its very exciting because I'm really gonna be living on my own. My boyfriend is staying for a while then he's gonna be gone on his music venture.

I began my Master's Degree program last week. I'm currently earning my Entertainment Business Master of Science degree. Its a really good program I like it alot so far. I'm ready for this challenge, we have to maintain a GPA of a 3.0 or better which is quite I challenge but I think I can, I know I can, I know I can! LOL.  Estimated graduation date 10/01/2010.


Remember that magazine I talked about. Well I made it to the October issue!!!!!!! OMG it felt so good, I feel that much closer to my dream. Orlando's premier fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine- Orlando Style Magazine. This is my first stepping stone and greatness will follow. I'm keeping at it. Can't stop, won't stop!

I'm a godmother!!!! Well, the baby isn't here yet but Noriah Marshe, pronounced (Mar-shay). Will be here sooner than later. And Quita, my cuzo and baby momma, we GOT to change that ghetto as middle name I'm not having it. I personally liked Malia as a 1st name, like Obama's daughter. But if shes not gonna change the 1st name, by the way she got from the 'octomom',  shes definitely gotta change Marshe or I'm not gonna accept the child as family. JUST KIDDING.

Just did a music video for my friends Jamison and Lil Ran. They had a class project for a class called Session Recording, came up with a  group, recorded a song, and needed a video. That's where Mike and I stepped in. We co-produced and directed the music video. I edited, he color corrected. We've gotten a lot of support, kudos, and even potential clients from it. I'll post it next.

Soon I'll be working on Lil Ran 'Everything Fye' music video and some pieces for Mike including the much anticipated full length 'Rainy Days' music video. And I'm still shooting!

Its gonna be fashion week soon here in Orlando at the Mall at Millenia- October 19-25. I will make my best efforts to be there everyday or the majority of those days. Being an up and coming fashion photographer for me this is good opp to network. Paulina Porizkova, former supermodel and ANTM judge, is going to be there so I'm stoked!

Money is low but spirits are high.

Continuously playing for KhePs and sending love to the universe,


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