Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On a good note

Remember that lifestyle/fashion magazine I told you about like 2 posts ago? Well I got the gig, that along with a modeling agency gig that they sponsor! So, with the magazine I start off doing event photography going to VIP events shooting and rubbing elbows with important people. AMAZING opp. only down fall is that its not directly paid. If I start my own biz w/website then people can but their pictures from ME on MY site. So, that's number one on my to-do list get that site up. But that's been really really, awesome.

I also have a potential internship with the newspaper down here as photographer, and I got another job lead as an amusement park photographer. So, I'm thanking God that all this good news has been pouring in. It's mainly whats making me stay here in Orlando. I was going to phrase that last sentence "stay behind" but I don't feel I'm being "behind" I'm staying and building my talent an name in a smaller market, so it can travel faster than in a big market like NYC.

Philly and Chicago are still a possible places, but since everyone wants me and are throwing things to me left and right then it looks like its meant for me to stay. At least for now. People I graduated with felt that it was essential to move to LA to make it. I really don't feel that way. I read a quote that said "The cream ALWAYS rises to the top, no matter where the cup is" and I hold that true to my heart. Because if you're gonna make things happen, then you're gonna make them happen where ever you go. Its gonna be plenty of people who go out to LA and get burned out and discouraged and, ya know LA isn't for everybody and they don't have a ton of jobs I hear. It takes a certain type of monster in my opinion. But the few "cream" have gotten jobs and quite quickly too.

So, I've been trying to keep my positivity up as much as possible. And I thanks God for a guy like Mike who is absolutely amazing. The greatest guy I've ever dated. He keeps me encouraged and motivates me, and is always looking out. I'm try to hold on to this guy forever. his birthday just passed on the 20th for his 20th, so I told him I would celebrate the whole rest of the month for him. He deserves it.

Send love to the universe


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