Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Afternoon

Today is just about the two week mark before graduation. And the senioritist has definitely kicked in. But I still like my classes specifically Audio Post. I'm working with ProTools and everything so that's pretty dope. I still need to tweak that resume and actually start on my cover letter.

Last night I was editing some more of my photo shoot I've done this month as part of my "July : Free Photo shoot" incentive. I gotta get that portfolio up. I'll post some photos up probably later this week. I'm getting used to Photoshop, other than just putting my signature on everything lol.

Sorry for just rambling, this is my first time blogging. Back on the career note I'm looking to move to NYC in about a year or so, if it's neccessary by that point. Meaning if I haven't established my self in my home town of Chicago,IL. Yes, yes ya'll I'm Chi-town girl and I rep that very hard.

Ok thats enuff for now.

Love ya


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