Friday, July 31, 2009

last day of school

Today is the last day of my 1st college degree. I feel so-so, I'm never over zealous about graduation. I'm glad to be out but at the same time it feels a little premature. I came straight out of high school in 2007 so this is the only college I know, unlike the majority of my classmates who have been to college or have degrees already. I feel weird to say the least, there's a ton of responsibility that comes along with being out of school. And to me it seems like only students get respect in society. Think about it no one gives discounts to college grads and they're the ones with student loans that need to be repaid, they need as many discounts as possible. People applaud you and say "oh that's so good he/she's in school." But I've never head any one say "oh you're a college grad that's so good" other than at your graduation. And of course people with no degrees get no respect, unless ur a success story like Bill Gates or something.

I have this feeling of having to do everything now tho, I'm only 20 and I feel its so old. It sounds a little ridiculous. But I just want my success story to feel legit. I think I may stay in school.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMG FUCK ME Sallie Mae

So, today I had my financial aid exit interview at my school. It was basically letting me know how much I owed in private and federal loans, when I have to start repaying, how many years this BS will be going on, and I almost shitted myself lol, I knew it was bad but DAMN! My interest rates are rape with a disease to say the least and what I would be paying per month is more than what I pay for rent. I graduate next Friday, the 7th, that gives me a 6 month grace period which means come February next year they're gonna be knocking at my door for that money. My immediate thought was to sell drugs and rob banks, but my mom wouldn't like that. So next option is to stay in school to continue my education and receive Masters degree in Entertainment Business in another 13 months. Which looks and sounds really impressive seeing that I would be 21 with a Masters and I still get out of school a year before my HS peers. But that also means taking out another loan for 30grand plus living expense. Plus from what I hear all the time degrees really don't matter in our industry.

Decisions decisions. I was once encouraged by my a teacher to apply to AFI if I'm gonna pay more money to continue my education. They're the cream of the crop and they're based in LA which is a double bonus. But with that they are highly selective. So if I even think about going there I need to get my shiz together this month. Like focus on that. Along with other schools like USC and NYU. Which are more expensive than Full Sail and harder to get into.

So here's the bottom line. I play for Kheps and I'm not going to get discouraged as messed up as this may seem. This is my motivation. I knew this day would come the day I applied to this school. But on a good note I heard that if I get an internship it can defer my loans as long as I'm in the internship PLUS I still get my 6 moths after that ends! So I'm interning for life and freelancing on the side. Dodging these mofos like the gingerbread man



Monday, July 27, 2009

Session with Amron X

Hey there,

I just finished editing my friend and fellow filmmaker's photos this weekend. Amron X. Lopez was my 1st subject to participate in my Free July photo shoot promotion. Here are a few of the best from the session. Leave a comment let me know what you think.

Much love


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Afternoon

Today is just about the two week mark before graduation. And the senioritist has definitely kicked in. But I still like my classes specifically Audio Post. I'm working with ProTools and everything so that's pretty dope. I still need to tweak that resume and actually start on my cover letter.

Last night I was editing some more of my photo shoot I've done this month as part of my "July : Free Photo shoot" incentive. I gotta get that portfolio up. I'll post some photos up probably later this week. I'm getting used to Photoshop, other than just putting my signature on everything lol.

Sorry for just rambling, this is my first time blogging. Back on the career note I'm looking to move to NYC in about a year or so, if it's neccessary by that point. Meaning if I haven't established my self in my home town of Chicago,IL. Yes, yes ya'll I'm Chi-town girl and I rep that very hard.

Ok thats enuff for now.

Love ya